Training Courses & Services

I have been training in the areas of people development, whether leaders, managers, or team members for the last 25 years and I bring this experience to my training which is usually delivered in an energising and humorous way.

Leadership Development – The essential need for any business

There has never been a time when leadership has been so necessary, yet so many leaders have never had any formal training.  Research has proven that there are core leadership skills required at each stage of a companies development, and that without these skills the company could be held back.

The biggest transition is from manager to leader and this can be the most difficult phase. Normally a bespoke programme would be delivered but there are also a set of off the shelf training courses that can deliver the key skills to the leader and their top team.

Training Modules for Leadership:

  • How to Stop Managing and Start Leading
  • Leading a High Performing Team
  • The Effective and Efficient Leader
  • Leading change in a changing world
  • Management Development

If leader’s set the course of the business, it is the managers that energise the workforce to make the leaders vision a reality.

Many managers have been promoted from the shop floor because of their proven ability to produce the product, or deliver the service.  Unfortunately being highly skilled on the shop floor does not mean that they have also been prepared for the additional skills needed to successfully manage a team.

A company would never allow an untrained team member to run a highly complicated machine and expect perfect saleable products, yet they will allow a new manager to deal with the complexities of the individual and expect them to be able to galvanise them in a high performing team.

Training is therefore essential to develop the most skilled managers who in turn will build the highest performing team.

Training Modules for Managers and Supervisors

  • The Art of Delegation, Motivation, and Empowerment
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Building a High Performing Team
  • Sales

Are you ahead of your competitors in sales ability?

Sales are the life blood of any business, yet often this is the area left most to chance.  We cannot live in the false belief that just because our product is excellent it will automatically sell, equally just because we give someone the title of sales agent it doesn’t mean they have all the skills to do the job.

There are sales processes that must be in place, pricing must be right, marketing must be successful, and the most important of all is that the sales team must have the skills to be the best they can be regardless of the length of service.

The starting point is to analyse sales strengths and weaknesses and then to develop a strategy to improve all the areas as necessary, for companies that feel they have already defined the need and want to start a training programme I offer a selection of self contained training courses:

Training Modules for Sales Skills

  • Introduction to selling
  • Mastering the Art of Selling
  • Effective negotiation
  • Sales Presentations
  • Time Management for Sales People
  • Marketing

You cannot make a successful company if the customers have never heard of you!

Some companies mistakenly feel that they grow by word of mouth so they don’t need marketing,  almost treating marketing as a dirty word.

Sadly whilst sales will grow by word of mouth (assuming the customers get good customer service, of course) this gives the company the equivalent of a “glass ceiling” to their sales.  They really have no idea how high their turnover could be.

The most successful growth comes from a coordinated mixture of sales and marketing and is based around the three keys of:

  1. Finding new customers
  2. Increasing the number of times customers buy
  3. Increasing the order value of each sale

With my proven record of helping companies to have quantum leaps in their sales I can offer marketing consultations or they can book me to teach a group within the company.

Marketing Courses:

  • Understanding Marketing
  • Looking at developing a marketing plan
  • Marketing Master Class
  • Presentation Skills

Why is it that people feel comfortable in a one-to-one situation, but as soon as you put them in front of a group they find that nerves get the better of them and they go to pieces.

Worse still is the person who finds no difficulty in presenting but leaves the audience hoping the presentation will end soon.  Not forgetting that 21st century phrase “Death by PowerPoint”.

Those who are well prepared find it easier to stand confidently in front of a group.  The well prepared have proper structure and leave the audience feeling their time was well spent.  The well prepared know the difference between PowerPoint slides that act as a script and proper speaker support slides.

One common feature of all the presentation courses is the solution to fear of presenting, an understanding of proper preparation and the true use of visual aids.

Presentation Couses available:

  • Developing the Best Presentation Skills
  • Masterclass on the Art of presenting
  • Being the best presenter
  • Sales Presenting
  • Presenting for Fund Raisers