Do you suffer from piles? (on your desk of course)

Many do and they know what a pain it is, and wish they could get relief from the condition.

Maybe this describes your situation? You look around your desk and all you can see is piles, piles of paper, piles of magazines (mostly unread) or piles of just general clutter all of which affects your productivity.

Did you know that papers left on the desk overnight seem to multiply? I have certainly found that to be the case. Certainly I have found that when piles start they seem to grow. It is one of the reasons why it is good to have a “clean desk at the end of the day policy”. This ensures that piles are dealt with when they are small enough to clear away easily and which in turn will boost productivity.

Did you know there is a route cause to piles? It is not to have a place to put the piece of paper when you have dealt with it. If you cannot file it, throw it, or pass it on, where will it go – into a pile of course.

The most important tool for any desk is a box file labelled – Hold It.

Into that you put any piece of paper or magazine that you currently can’t file, throw, or pass on. Once a week go through the box and see if now you can dispose of it. You know where it is if needed, but it doesn’t start a pile on the desk, and ultimately you can dispose of it.

Secondly you need easy access to a filing cabinet, so you can file it as soon as you have dealt with it.

A good concept is to have project files, usually manila folders with flaps (so stuff doesn’t fall out) as you are probably working on lots of projects at any one time and these can cause piles in their own right. It is helpful if you can store the project files in such a way that you can see them, as out of sight is out of mind. You can get rack to put them in.

Finally, if you want to boost productivity learn to be ruthless and just throw it out, this, more then anything, is the hemorrhoidal cream for piles. Will you ever really want to read it again? Unless you legally need to keep it –see if you can throw it.