Do you have the three prides in selling

When you are selling do you have the three prides?  Amazingly these can be the key to selling.

  1.  Pride in yourself

 Do you know how important you are to the sales process?  Most sales people do not and this can affect the inner feeling they have about themselves.  The key is to realise that to the customer you are the expert.  You will ensure that the product fulfills their needs, you ensure it does what they need it to do, and hopefully at the right price.  All of these they won’t get from the internet.  Without you the customer may fail to get the outcome they were looking for and in some cases hadn’t even realised that it was an outcome they needed.  If you know your stuff you should have pride in your ability to be their expert.

      2.  Pride in your product

Do you know why your product is good?  What are its unique selling features?  What separates it from the competitors, or is it just a unique product in the market place ?

Many say that theirs is a quality product and that is why it is good.  The reality is that all your competitors will be saying the same as no one would say that you have a crap product.  So we will have to look beyond quality to show the differentiators unless you can prove why your product is made to a higher specification.  The good news is that most products to have unique features, even if it is just that you hold better stock levels then your competitors.

       3.  Pride in your company – what is your sales value?

We must have pride in our company, or to be honest, why are we working for them?  If you aren’t enjoying working for them then the customer will sense it in the same way that they will sense if you don’t have pride in your product or you are worried about your abilities.  Customers are like dogs who can smell fear, customers know from your body language if you are not believing what you are saying.

Sometimes we have to understand our sales value, that is the combined effect of our product, price, service, and back up.  Whilst you might be beaten on price, you may be ahead on delivery times, or perhaps you have the same product but a much better installation team.  When it goes wrong you are streets ahead of the competitors in sorting it out.  All of these aspects contribute to your sales value to the customer and the reason you can have pride in your company.

Take some time to think about and then detail all aspects of the three prides so you know why you can have those prides.